Orientation Day

Here's one of a series of sketches I did involving the orientation process at the large entertainment company located in the San Fernando Valley. I'll not be detailing any of the information here except to say that I've been through the process any number of times myself and I welcomed the opportunity to make the two day event a little more relevant and compelling for new employees being brought onboard.

The first day on any job is usually exciting and probably even more so if the company you're working for has a reputation for being special. You can't help but be excited and eager to learn all about your new employer. That's what the orientation is all about. It's a time of getting acquainted. And, that includes you as well your employer. It's a time of learning the company's legacy as well as the plans for the future.

When I started my long journey at the magic factory we didn't even wear name tags. Not that they're worn that much today. As far as I can tell, only Imagineers seem to maintain this tradition. Most employees consider wearing a name badge just a little too geeky for their taste. In any case, one of my sketches included this special part of the orientation when new employees get pinned at the start of the day.

I had a few other nifty ideas that I thought would spice up the two day orientation process. Naturally, not all of my ideas were welcome. Perhaps I got a little carried away. I keep forgetting that things have changed over the last few decades. Not that many people share my enthusiasm for the company these days. I'm afraid I'm probably stuck in the past. After all, we can't have employees loving the company that much, can we?