The Grape Gatsby

It's time for Thursday morning silliness. One of the cool things about working at Disney is the random craziness that sometimes happens. It's an opportunity to forget the usual corporate BS and have some fun. It also demonstrates how creative a staff can be when given the opportunity. Let me explain.

A few days ago, one of our storybook artist in Disney's Publishing Department had grapes stolen from the company refrigerator. Upon discovering the grapes were missing, the artist posted an angry note to the “Grape Thief.” This note was soon followed by other notes and gags concerning the grape theft. Employees gathered in the studio kitchen to follow the ongoing saga. Would the thief eventually come clean, or would the Mickey Mouse Security Forces bring the thief to justice? In any case, a good time was had by all, and many employees posted photographs of the refrigerator door replete with illustrations on their Facebook pages.

Naturally, I had to join in as well. My first such Disney Studio silliness took place back in 1956 when I was just a kid. One of the Disney Donut machines became infested by ants. The employees responded by posting a series of gags about the machine and the ants. I found it delightful that the studio embraced such a display of humor and it made me realize what a pleasure it was to work at a company that could laugh at itself. That hasn't been the case in recent years as the Mouse House has grown more corporate and less friendly in almost every respect. The sudden outpouring of laughs and Disney humor gives me hope that maybe this company will one day find its way back to being the wonderful, creative, innovative company that Walt Disney created.