Our Diane

It’s difficult to think of much else this week. The loss of Diane Disney Miller is still very much on our minds. I seldom posted any photographs of Diane because I knew she was a private person and avoided the limelight whenever possible. Only months ago, I tried to persuade her to visit the Disney campus. I knew the answer would probably be, no. She was concerned that word would get around and the company would make a fuss. She preferred to slip in and out of town unnoticed.

This photograph was taken at the Walt Disney Family Museum on one of our days of filming. Diane, along with Richard Sherman and the film crew were on their way to another building on the museum grounds. As usual Diane was full of energy and eager to show all of us her recent acquisitions. Even at age 79 she walked briskly across the museum grounds leading the way. We had been filming all morning, but Diane showed no lack of energy and enthusiasm. It’s difficult to realize all this took place only a few months ago.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to see some of the footage we shot that day. This material will be included on the new Blue Ray release of Walt Disney’s “The Jungle Book.” You’ll be able to view this segment on the extras included on the disc. I’d recommend you buy this copy of “The Jungle Book” if only to view this wonderful segment of Diane Disney Miller and Richard Sherman speaking about the movie and what happen behind the scenes. It’s a wonderful conversation, and these two amazing people share their insights on the Old Maestro, Walt Disney. Of course, for Robert and Richard Sherman, Walt was the boss. For Diane, he was, Dad.

I considered it an honor to sit and chat with Diane Disney Miller and Richard Sherman on that special day a few months ago. It would appear we all had the same thing in common. An amazing, innovative and talented individual known as, Walt Disney.