Man! What a busy day. I thought I would have time to do a blog posting but there was simply too much to do. It’s now evening. Thanksgiving eve, if you will. Since all my chores are done I thought I would post something for this wonderful, hectic season.

Recently, a company called Reel FX released a movie called, “Free Birds.” It’s the wacky story of two turkeys who travel back in time. Why, you ask? It’s in order to take turkey off the Thanksgiving Day menu. Not a bad little idea, actually. The movie even had a cool title. It was called, “Turkeys.”

Well, I guess calling your movie “Turkeys” could be a bad idea. After all, what if your movie turns out to be a turkey? What then? Would you risk becoming the laughing stock of the cartoon industry? I don’t know. I’ve always thought that movie titles should be somewhat provocative or intriguing. If not either of those, it should at least be funny. “Turkeys” is funny. “Free Birds” is…well, you know. The story sketch below is from a scrapped storyline where General Buck McDonald in pursuit of the Turkeys travels to the future where he finds our feathered pals are now regarded as heroes in a science museum.

I storyboarded a few sequences for this animated feature film a couple years ago. I enjoyed the work and even considered the stuff I did was pretty darn funny. Apparently, the film makers didn’t share this opinion so none of my stuff appears in the final film. This is nothing new, by the way. It’s rare that my funny stuff remains in any animated movie. The one exception was a little film I did back in the sixties. The old guy in charge actually thought my stuff was funny and demanded more of it. Luckily, he was able to make that decision because he ran the studio. If I recall, his name was Walt something or other, and he made a few pretty good films.

I began going through the “Turkey folder” on my computer this evening and began to chuckle when I saw the stuff I had storyboarded. Forgive me for being somewhat self serving, but I thought the stuff was pretty darn funny. At least funnier than what I saw in the animated motion picture that was recently released. And, don’t get mad at me because I’m not bagging on the movie. It was a pretty good first time effort for a new studio trying to get into the game. Making an animated movie is never an easy task. I know. I’ve spent a lifetime working on several of them.

Having said that, I wish the finished movie could have been just a little bit funnier. If you don’t know what I mean, I’ve got some unused storyboards I could show you. Happy Thanksgiving all you turkeys!