Willie and his Bosses

Okay, I'm at the dentist this morning so I don't have time to write a long post. I've a great dentist, by the way. Dusty and I have been pals for more years than I can remember. Some people even think I have a pretty cool smile. Well, if that's the case, you can give Dusty the credit. 

I drew this sketch of my old pal, Willie Ito some years ago. I honestly don't remember the occasion but I wanted to draw something funny for this very talented artist. I remembered that Willie had many bosses over the years. I first met Willie when he was working for Bob Clampett and that wonderful, zany cartoon studio in Hollywood. Clampett's cartoon studio was so manic it made Disney look like a convalescent home. Anyway, I remembered that Bob was one of Willie's first bosses. Then, we move on to Hanna-Barbera where Willie had two amazing bosses, Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera. You can bet we had some good times with these two talented gentlemen. Of course, in Willie's early days of animation he actually worked at Disney when the studio was still run by Walt. I still remember Willie's funny story about his first encounter with the Old Maestro in the studio elevator. Then, we wrap things up with Michael Eisner who managed to remain Disney's CEO for over twenty years. There you have it. That's a lot of managing, right? 

Anyway, that's the reason for this cartoon sketch of Mr. Ito and his cartoon bosses. A time that managed to stretch over several decades. All these guys were characters in their own right and each of them brought something truly unique to the crazy world of creating cartoons.