Victory Through Air Power

People might be surprised to learn that there were a lot of photographs taken of Walt Disney throughout his long and amazing career. Sadly, a lot of these truly special photographs are seldom seen and most are never published. More than likely, most authors don't know these picture exist. I think that explains why we often see the same photographs of Walt Disney again and again.

However, should you have the opportunity to dig through the photography files at the Walt Disney Studios I guarantee you’ll find some remarkable pictures. I know we certainly found our fair share when working on the Walt Disney Family Museum a few years ago. With each new photograph we discovered I felt we were able to learn just a little bit more about the boss.

Here’s a picture of Disney probably taken in the early forties. The young animation artist with Walt Disney looks somewhat familiar. Sadly, I can’t recall his name. Maybe one of you Disney historians out there can give me some help. Anyway, this photo was probably taken during the Second World War when the Walt Disney Studio was working on the motion picture “Victory Through Airpower.” This is a film seldom seen today and I don’t even know if it’s even available for viewing. I would guess probably not. In fact, the only way I had an opportunity to view the rather unique motion picture was being invited to a studio screening at a Disney screening room back in the fifties.

In any case, this photograph provides a great look into the past. A time when Walt Disney's enterprise was still new and growing. This amazing period of Disney’s career always fascinated me. I guess that's why we can never seem to get enough of Disney History.