A Sketch of Alice

How many of you know the work of fifties illustrator, Jon Whitcomb? His work was marvelous and I was lucky enough to study his originals on occasion. Whitcomb paid a visit to the Walt Disney Studios back in the fifties and this is the result of that visit.

Illustrator Jon Whitcomb was known for his beautiful, lush illustrations, but I love his sketches as well. Look at this wonderful drawing of actress, Kathy Beaumont. Kathy as you know, was the voice and model for the lead character in Walt Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.”

Disney's "Alice" was somewhat of a mess story wise but it remains one of my favorite animated films because of its amazing production design and color styling. Add the inspired looniness of the animation and you've got a pretty entertaining films. However, Walt's movie was hardly embraced in the UK when it premiered back in the fifties. Having been snubbed in London, Disney returned to the United States where he expected more respect. Sorry, Walt. The animated adaptation of Lewis Carroll was panned here as well.

Today, "Alice in Wonderland" is a long time ago. And, I gotta admit Kathy Beaumont looks as youthful as ever when I see her at Disney events. In this Disney veteran's opinion she remains Alice forever and I think Jon Whitcomb has captured that in this remarkable sketch.