Frozen, Tangled and other Silly Ideas

For some odd reason the Disney Company seems reluctant to embrace its princess legacy when it comes to motion pictures. This is evident in the ridiculous title change of the well known fairy tale, “Rapunzel.” As you already know, that well known book was given the rather goofy title of “Tangled” a few years ago. It's not over, of course. Disney Animation's latest epic fairy tale will not carry it's original name, “The Snow Queen.” Instead the animated feature will be known as, “Frozen.”

Naturally, this is what happens when marketing drives the creative process. Clever, one word titles is what sells, right? Even though the book might be known world wide, let's come up with a title no one has ever heard of. Something hip, edgy and cool. That'll bring the audience in, right?

Yet, for all the angst around the concept of the Disney princess, it would appear these young women are more popular than ever. At least when it comes to storybooks, anyway. Believe it or not, I illustrated three Disney storybooks last year myself and each book was about a Disney princess. Why, you ask? I can only assume these princesses are more popular than ever. After all, why would I be doing a Snow White, Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty book after all these years?

Currently, Disney Animation is hard at work on their latest animated feature, “The Snow Queen.” Oops! I mean, “Frozen.” I try to keep an open mind and look forward to the day when this silly marketing notion will be put on the shelf forever. I can only imagine what the Old Maestro would think if he was around today. “The Disney Princesses are what built this studio,” he would say. “Are you guys nuts?” I'm sorry, Walt. I'm afraid they are.