Artists Were Everywhere!

My good friend, Bram Bruers requested a copy of this famous photograph. It's appropriate the photograph was taken at this particular location because If you know your Disney history you'll know that Roy and Walt Disney were truly at a cross roads in their awesome career.

If there was ever a time of transition in the Disney brother's career this was it. The next few years would totally transform tiny, Walt Disney Productions into a creative juggernaut that would revolutionize popular entertainment forever. Once again, the animation department had been beefed up and several new feature films were on the drawing boards. The new series of True Life Adventure nature films were gaining in popularity and Walt had commanded his live-action producers to prepare a new slate of movies. Still ahead was the bold move into series television and the construction of a theme park in nearby Anaheim. Millions of dollars were about to be invested in Walt Disney Productions and the road ahead would be daunting indeed.

With all this in mind, I can't help but wish there was some way to get in on this particular conversation between Walt and Roy Disney. As the businessman I'm sure Roy had serious concerns. On the other hand, Walt was clearly determined to move forward. I still remember Walt Disney's famous statement even today. “If we coast we'll become stagnant. Let's either get back into the business or get the hell out.” And, get back in, they did. The next few years brought astounding growth and the company didn't just expand - they exploded. This is not simply something I read about in the history books. This is what I observed firsthand.

Not long after this conversation between Walt and Roy I walked down Mickey Avenue for the first time as a young Disney employee. I can tell you from first hand experience that Walt Disney Productions was humming with activity and creativity. From animation to live-action. From television production to theme park design, the studio literally buzzed with energy and excitement. And, let me end with one final note. Artists were everywhere. I'll say it again. Artists were everywhere!