Walt Disney's Bran Muffins

If you really know your Disney history you’ll know that back in the sixties the Disney studio commissary delivered two bran muffins to Walt Disney’s third floor office every morning. You probably already know that bran muffins are a good source of fiber as well as being a tasty treat. Well, I won’t go into why the Old Maestro needed an extra source of fiber - but you get the idea.

The fresh baked muffins were placed on a tray outside Walt’s office in the Animation Building. Should the boss desire a delicious muffin with his morning coffee the tray was nearby. However, there were days when Walt Disney didn’t care for a bran muffin so the delicious treats were left on the tray until they were tossed out at the end of the day. Seems like a waste of good food, wouldn’t you think?

That little issue was quickly solved by a young animation artist who often prowled the Disney hallways including Walt’s third floor office space. After noticing the platter of bran muffins each day he asked one of Walt Disney’s personal assistants, why the bran muffins were left there? The charming secretary explained that the commissary had been instructed to deliver bran muffins to the third floor each morning. It seemed like a good idea but the Old Maestro was not always in the mood for a muffin. “What happens if Walt doesn’t eat them?” the young man inquired. “We simply toss them,” the personal assistant responded.

The young animation artist made a deal with Walt Disney’s secretaries. If the boss failed to eat the muffins could he have them for breakfast? The answer was yes, and from that time on whenever the Old Maestro failed to devour a muffin or two, they were up for grabs. That meant the young kid could have muffins for his breakfast and this continued for a number of weeks. Everything went well until one late morning Walt Disney decided he needed a mid-morning snack after all. He left his private office and headed for the outer office where two muffins were usually left each day. However on this day all that was left was an empty platter. Aside for a few crumbs there was no trace of the muffins. Walt Disney grumbled and decided he didn’t want a muffin after all, and returned to his office. The young animation artist (who shall remain nameless) decided to never again eat Walt Disney’s bran muffins.

And, I guarantee you - I never did.

Walt's Muffin.JPG