Animated Life Finally on the Way!

Yes, there really is a book after all. You can see I'm actually holding a copy in this photograph. A photograph taken right here at the Disney Studio as you can see. This book finally made it through Disney Legal's approval process and was approved to go to press. Well, we've already completed our first print run and the book will be shipping in about a week.

Speaking of the Disney approval process it's important to remember it's wise to "play  nice." I knew at the start of this journey I truly wanted certain images in my book. The only way I was going to get approval for use of those Disney images was to fully cooperate with the corporate lawyers. We sat down and worked things out. There were a few compromises and a good deal of give and take. After all, that's what a negotiation  is all about. You can choose to fight but I've lived long enough to know that fighting seldom accomplishes anything but hard feelings. Better to sit down and work things out than dig in your heels and get nowhere. A good deal of Animated LIfe, I might add was edited right here at our Disney facility in Glendale. If I was going to pen a book about my experiences at the Walt Disney Company I might as well do the writing here at Disney. Not a bad idea, really. A couple of guys named Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston thought they'd write their book here at the Disney Studio some years ago.

After nearly a year of waiting, my book, "Animated Life" is ready to ship. I believe my publisher, Focal Press is already taking preorders at their web site and I'm sure the book will be up on Amazon in a matter of days. I'm speaking of the hard copy, of course. A digital version of the book has already been available for purchase on Amazon for a number of months. However, most are interested in the hard copy of the book. Naturally, I am as well. After all, it's pretty tough to autograph a digital book, now isn't it?