The Magical Disney Back Lot

What a magical place this was back in the sixties. You could get up from your animation desk, walk outside and find yourself in the middle of the wilderness. And, that was all right here on our sizable back lot at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank.

Most of the Walt Disney Studios television series were filmed right here in Burbank. Everything from “Davy Crockett,” “Andy Burnett,” to “Elfago Baca” and “Zorro.” Of course, we had our share of Disney features as well. “Old Yeller” and “The Light in the Forest” were shot here at the studio. The back lot was convenient and it wasn't necessary  to haul a ton of trucks, lights and equipment off to the mountains.

I have no idea what show they’re filming here. After a while all these shows look pretty much the same. However, I confess it was a nice distraction at break time. You could grab a quick cup of coffee and head off into the "wilderness" for a few minutes. It’s all the magic of movie making, eh?

Beyond those trees, you’ll find Alameda Avenue and Walt Disney's Animation Building is directly behind us. Today, it’s all been converted to new facilities, office buildings and a parking lot. Practical I guess, but hardly a storybook ending for some pretty magical times.