Monster Mash

Let's lighten things up a bit this morning, okay? Are you a Monsters fan? I am. I was lucky enough to work on Pete Doctor's film, “Monsters, Inc.” over ten years ago. Wow! has it really been that long? Anyway, the assignment came as a complete surprise because I had completed my work on “Toy Story2” and had already made the move back to Southern California and the Disney Studio. However, I soon found myself back at Pixar Animation Studios and entering a delightful, new monster world.

This summer we'll join our old pals, Mike and Sully on another adventure. We'll travel back in time to their college days and the events that set up the original film. You haven't seen the film yet, but I know you'll enjoy it. Naturally, we've all heard the complaints about sequels but a sequel is not necessarily a bad idea if the story is a winner. If you need an example I can clearly point to “Toy Story2 as a delightful, satisfying sequel.

May I direct your attention to the batch of Pixar storybooks we've been working on over at Disney Publishing the past year. I think these nifty storybooks turned out well, in spite of the fact I worked on some of them. The books are laugh out loud funny including a favorite untitled, "Roaring Rivals.” The book was illustrated by the talented, Geefwee Boedoe. If you recall, it was Geefwee who designed the titles for the original movie, “Monsters, Inc.”

I confess I didn't have a lot of fun during my college years because I spent way too much time studying. At least this time around I'll get to relive those youthful days on campus with a wonderful group of lovable monsters.