The Great Ducksby

Let's wrap up the week with a silly drawing, okay? After a few days of Disney history I decided that today I would simply do a funny sketch. These ideas seem to suddenly pop into my head and I have to get them out. It was my way of relaxing from my daily chores back in the day. After a session with Milt Kahl or Frank Thomas it was my way of relaxing. Drawing gag cartoons and the like has always been the perfect way to relieve tension and it's been working for over fifty years.

This afternoon we'll be headed out to the theater to see “The Great Gatsby.” Whether you like Fitzgerald or not I'm sure the motion picture will be a feast for the eyes. Great production design has saved many a movie for me. Then again, I'm not your average movie goer. I simply love all aspects of this marvelous medium.

And so, I leave you with this sketch of “The Great Ducksby” Naturally, the famous duck is completely taken with the love of his life. And, wouldn't you know that her name would be, “Daisy.” They're the perfect couple, I guess. I hope things work out better for them than in the new movie I'm going to see this afternoon.