Historians and Disney

The Disney Historians gathered at the Tam O'Shanter this past Saturday to enjoy our annual luncheon and speak of all things Disney. The distinguished group included, authors, historians, film makers and fans. We were able to look at upcoming books, attractions and a sneak peek at this years upcoming D23. It was a delightful celebration by a group that takes the Disney legacy seriously. Certainly a good deal more seriously than the large entertainment corporation located in Southern California.

Once again, Disney historian, Didier Ghez hosted the event at the famous restaurant that Walt Disney considered a favorite. Over the years so many Disney artists dined at the Tam O'Shanter it gained a nickname as the other Disney commissary. More English pub than trendy Hollywood eatery, one could easily understand why the Tam has hosted so many Disney celebrations as well as business meetings. During my time with the Disney Company more than a few important decisions were hammered out in nearby Glendale where I've dined with a fair share of artists, producers, directors and executives. Even the special “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” photograph that appears in my book was taken right outside the Tam.

Finally, while we're discussing Walt Disney's amazing legacy I'd like to show you this wonderful photograph taken of the Old Maestro. Of course, this was back when Walt was a pretty dapper young maestro posing with his cool new car in front of the famous Animation Building. I'd seen my share of vintage Walt photographs but I'll confess this is one I'd never seen before. Thanks so much to my good friend Roberto Milburn for sharing this classic Disney photograph and providing a wonderful look back at a time that will never be again.