UX Symposium at Qualcomm

San Diego is a beautiful city and I eagerly look forward to every visit to this Southern California wonderland. Usually my visit is in relation to an oversized Comic Book Convention held annually in this California paradise. However this time around, my visit involved today's technology rather than talking animals and super heroes. My southland travels took me to a company known as Qualcomm. It's a name I've heard often but know very little. Since I had been invited to participate in the UX Symposium I would find myself inside Qualcomm for the first time.

My arrival at the Qualcomm campus in San Diego reminded me a little of a visit to Apple in Northern California. I've always been fascinated by technology companies. Perhaps it's because technology is becoming more and more a part of our lives. Of course, that includes our popular entertainment as well as the work we do. I confess I know little about the amazing work they do. However, I always find it impressive. I guess they consider the rather odd work I do to be somewhat impressive as well. It would appear we're both in the “magic” business. What we do appears to require a degree of creativity and innovation. Naturally, this was the reason I was invited to this high technology company to share a bit of what has become know as, “Disney Magic.”

The UX Symposium is all about sharing ideas. Ideas that will eventually shape our future. It was appropriate that I was invited to speak on the life and management style of Walt Disney. When it comes to creativity and innovation I can't think of a better example. Walt seemed focused on tickering with gadgets as well as inventing the future. One can only imagine what Disney would have accomplish had he had the advantage to today's technology. Even though he was limited by the tech of the nineteen sixties, Walt still managed to accomplish some pretty amazing things.

Finally, I couldn't help but be reminded how young everyone appeared to be at Qualcomm. Most were probably not even born during the years I spoke about at the Walt Disney Studios. It all makes perfect sense, really. When a young Walt Disney established his early studio over on Hyperion in SilverLake the average age was probably not all that different from the young people at Qualcomm. Exciting new ideas come from the young. And, that's just fine with me.