Back to School

I confess I love college. Back in the sixties I used to hang out at University of Southern California because a friend of mine was a student in the film school. Guys like John Carpenter and George Lucas were making movies and I remember it being a very exciting time. I saw myself as an aspiring film maker as well. Even though employed by Walt Disney Studios, I was simply another grunt laboring in the trenches out in Burbank. Like most young guys I wanted to produce my own films.

Years later, I still find myself wandering the USC campus. I often visit the film school which has changed a good deal since the early sixties. Beautiful new building grace the campus and the sound stages are as good or better than anything you'd find in Hollywood. It's a far cry from the grungy warehouse like facility we had back in the sixties. Today's students are blessed with state of the art technology. The cinema tools they take for granted were only dreams when I was a young film maker. We often edited our films on campus because we had access to the expensive editing equipment provided by the school. I still find the university experience truly stimulating even today. I suppose that's why I love to hang out on campus. Although today, I usually have a more official reason for being in a college classroom.

If you have fond memories of your college years (and I certainly do) I guarantee you'll enjoy the new motion picture due out from Pixar this summer. I'm sure you've already heard of “Monsters University” and if you haven't you're still in for a good time. Needless to say, this is a prequel and we go back in time to see young Sully and Mike as college students. If you've any imagination you can imagine the romp the summer movie audience is in for. Disney Publishing has produced a “Fear Book” (student year book) along with all the other publications, and it's a delightful addition to the wacky film. Having worked on Pixar's first Monster movie over ten years ago, I thought it might be appropriate to add my photograph along with the rest of the monsters on campus. Finally, I'll remind you that academic excellence is always important. Even if you happen to be a monster.