A Cartoon Come to Life

I've recently returned to California and it seems I've spent the morning running around. May is almost over and now there's a busy June to look forward to. It'll be a month chock full of events. I'm trying to get things organized so I won't be too overwhelmed.

I suddenly realized I hadn't done a blog post in a while and now it's the start of a new week. What would I write about, I wondered? Then I happen to see this sign in the hallway of one of the buildings on the Walt Disney Studio lot. I was intrigued. Was this a joke or were they serious? Did some Disney executive decide to create one of my jokes in real life, and what exactly is a “Bad Management” meeting?

Again, I'll remind you that this sign was not the result of PhotoShop. This is exactly the sign I photographed while standing in the Disney hallway. Why would such a class or meeting be necessary, I wondered? management hardly needs any help in being totally clueless, do they?

Of course, I'm probably missing the point. Some executive probably thought this was a clever way to title a seminar on proper and effective management. All of the young men and women attending the meeting will probably all enjoy a good laugh and then they'll get down to business on how to be a more effective manager. Or, maybe Bad Management is the title of a zany new motion picture or a wacky television show, right? Yeah, that must be it.

Then again, it does make you wonder.