Andreas and Two Kings

I had a wonderful lunch yesterday with Walt Disney's daughter, Diane Disney Miller and a group of distinguished Disney historians. I won't go into the reason for our meeting. That's for another time. However, I did get to chat with the talented master animator, Andreas Deja, and one of our subjects was Walt Disney's masterpiece “Sleeping Beauty.”

I told Andreas that clips from Walt's amazing motion picture had been running on a display in our building and I'm continually impress how well the film holds up after all these years. I last worked on Sleeping Beauty back in 1958 and that's a long time ago. Yet, memories of the film remain vivid and I can still recall the many challenges involved in creating that incredible movie. We chatted about the two kings and the marvelous animation done by Milt Kahl. Andreas reminded me that directing animator, John Lounsbery played a major role in animating King Hubert and King Stephan. I mentioned that I was picking up in-betweens from Stan Green back then and I still recall working on what was then known as the Skumps Sequence. Paula Sigmond Lowery also joined our conversation because she had recently written an article about the role of the lackey in the fun sequence. Character actor, Franklin Pangborn actually came to the Disney Studio to film the live-action reference for the sequence. If I recall correctly, the well known actor didn't have a single line of dialogue in the sequence except for a hiccup.

This wonderful sequence with King Stephan and King Hubert happens to be one of the lighter moments in the film. After completing my small contribution in the sequence I was quickly assigned to Freddy Hellmich's unit to begin clean-up work on the three good fairies, Flora, Fauna and Meriweather, but that's a story for another time.