Be Our Guest

It's hardly the way I usually spend Monday afternoons. However, this Monday afternoon was special thanks to Cinde's annual Be Our Guest Dinner. This year the event was held at Disney's California Adventure or whatever they're calling it these days. This is my first visit since the renovation. Or, perhaps I should say, since Disney decided to change the place into a theme park.

I was asked if I wanted to visit Cars Land since I had never seen it. And, I'll admit the place looked pretty spiffy as I walked past, however after dealing with LA's horrific freeways the last thing I wanted to celebrate this day was, cars.

We're headed off to dinner after enjoying a delightful libation. Remember when character actor, Leo G. Carroll called his drink that in Disney's “The Parent Trap?” Anyway, this was at the nifty private club available to Club 33 members. After that, we headed off for dinner and an evening of celebration. I snapped this photograph as the Legends made their way to the restaurant.

Not too much chat this morning because I've got a good deal of work and I need to catch up. So, I'll be cutting this post short this morning. Thanks again, Cinde for a lovely afternoon and evening with great fans and friends who celebrate this special event as well as our love for the Disney legacy.