Visiting Napa Valley

I'm back at my desk here at the Mouse House after an awesome weekend with our friends up north. I still maintain a fondness for the Bay Area. Especially having worked for Pixar Animation Studios some years ago. Back in the nineties, I made my home in San Raphael because it was only a short drive across the Richmond Bridge to the studio. At that time, Pixar was located in a scruffy industrial park in Point Richmond.

We first arrived in the beautiful, sunny Napa Valley where the weather was simply beautiful. Of course, I don't recall a time when the weather isn't desirable. I love the area in all seasons. Naturally, we had to stop in at Silverado Vineyards for a little wine tasting. Considering our location, this was a must. Saturday meant a short drive to San Francisco and the Walt Disney Family Museum. Author, Don Perri and Pixar producer, Jonas Rivera had a special presentation that afternoon and it was great to see them again. I was also pleased to see a number of old friends who were there that weekend. You can bet I was surprised and delighted when I found some even brought their copies of my book to sign.

June has been a busy month, and I've still got a couple animation and story classes to do. In a few weeks I'll be returning to the Bay Area for another interview. This time around, we'll be discussing Walt Disney's last animated motion picture, and we'll be joined by composer, Richard Sherman. That should be an exciting time, and I'm looking forward to sharing stories about the wonderful time we all had creating Walt Disney's masterpiece, β€œThe Jungle Book.”