The Joy of Email

Believe or not there once was a time when we had to communicate using slips of paper like this. These were called interoffice communication slips and they were delivered by the Traffic Department of the Walt Disney Studio. Young men (and eventually young women) would actually deliver messages to people by literally walking to their offices and handing them the message contained in an envelope.

Back in the fifties we could not even imagine the concept of email. Communication was accomplished by phone messages or slips of paper distributed about the studio. It was nearly twenty years ago when we gathered together at a tech meeting in Glendale to discuss the electronic infrastructure then being created at the Disney Company. Today it's difficult to think of a time when we didn't communicate using this technology.

Of course, I didn't receive that many messages back in the fifties. Messages usually went to people more important than myself. However, on occasion there would be a crew screening of the feature film in production. Each of us would be sent an interoffice communication slip containing information about the screening time and location. These slips went out all over the Disney Studio. Delivering these messages was easier than making a phone call, I suppose. Plus, it kept the boys and girls in traffic busy as they made their daily rounds.

Today, email has become a monumental pain in the butt as we face our computers each morning to find our inbox stuffed with messages we don't need or want to read. Like so many things in our modern world the blessing has become a curse and I can't help but long for the good old days when messages were hand delivered on paper.