ComicCon on the Horizon

Yes, that's actress, Halle Berry making her entrance, but what is this post all about? It's about ComicCon International in San Diego this week. As usual, geeks, goofs and fans will gather in the beautiful city of San Diego to worship at the alter of popular culture. In recent years big time Hollywood has encroached on the annual gathering of fan boys and girls, and big shot Hollywood movie stars no longer think it's beneath them to attend a comic book convention. These days it's the highest compliment a young (or old) actor can receive.

Today, it's not unusual to share an elevator or hotel lobby with a popular star and most have been surprisingly cordial. I've spoken to my fair share of big time celebrities, but my favorite star sighting last year was saying hi to television chef and world traveler, Anthony Bourdain. After watching several seasons of Tony's show, “No Reservations,” I felt like I already knew the guy. I also loved meeting Neil Patrick Harris and riding in the hotel elevator with young “Darth Vader” when the actor arrived to participate in some Star Wars event.

Of course, when it comes to popular events at the San Diego ComicCon, my hands down favorite is always, “QuickDraw.” This long time ComicCon event is sure to guarantee more laughs than the latest Adam Sandler movie. And, imagine this. It's a show that features guys who draw. Drawing at a Comic Book Convention! Who knew? Mark Evanier hosts the madcap show that always includes master cartoonists, Sergio Aragonés and Scott Shaw! This year they'll be joined by Neil Adams, and it'll be a show you'll not want to miss. You can bet I'll be there to join in the fun.

However, before the San Diego fun fest I've got to head north to San Francisco for a couple days of filming for the Walt Disney Company. Then, it's back on the plane south and the ComicCon in San Diego. It's going to be a very busy week, that's for sure. Yes, I know there's a fair share of people who are fed up with the crowds and craziness of the San Diego Comic Book Convention, but for me it's the biggest event of the year. And, even with all the madness I still look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. If you're on the show floor look me up. I'll be wandering around with eyes glazed over. Just like the rest of the hundred thousand people in attendance.