A Disney Phone Book

Let's do some Disney time travel, shall we? This is a page from a Disney telephone book. A book we used back in 1958. How do I know this, you ask? Well, back in the old days of Disney animation the artists often moved from room to room and wing to wing depending on what project they were working on. By checking the office number of the individuals employed by Walt Disney Productions, I can deduce the year of this telephone book. And, that year, my friends is 1958.

If you're able to read the fine print you might be able to spot my name. At the time I was in 2G-1 and I was working on the Disney film, “Sleeping Beauty.” Over toward the right of the page you might see that story artist, Bill Peet still maintained his office in 3B-8. If I recall correctly, Bill remained in that office until he quit Disney in early 1966.

Of course, the list of names bring back wonderful Disney memories as I read the names of friends and colleagues from years past. I see the name Bob McCrea, an old timer who loved to tell stories. Further down that “M” list is Sam McKim, a wonderful Disney artist who worked on Disney films but is probably best known for his work at Disney Imagineering. Then, there's my old pal from Japan, Yusaku Nakagawa and Clarence “Ducky” Nash who you all know as the voice of Donald Duck. There's the gifted animator, George Nicholas and in 2G-3 we find director, Charles Nichols, better known by his knick name, “Nick.” There's layout man, Lance Nolley and the talented animator, Cliff Nordberg. Under the O's we see the master layout artist, Ken O'Conner and the very funny story man, Bob Ogle. Of course, Dale Oliver in 1D-11 was Key clean up man for Disney Legend, Frank Thomas. Tom Oreb's name follows Dale. The gifted character designer was in 2G-8.

The names continue with my good buddy, Amby Paliwoda who often beat Milt Kahl at chess each noon hour. Amby was in 1A-11 where he remained until he was sadly let go after “101 Dalmatians” was wrapped. The amazing color stylist and background painter, Walt Peregoy was in 2B-5. Ken Peterson pretty ran the entire Animation Department in those days and he was in 1A-17. Unlike today, Ken didn't need a legion of vice-presidents to manage Disney Animation. Things were a good deal more efficient back then and thankfully free of the nonsense that we observe today.

I could go on and on with my fifties memories but I've only got one page to deal with. Perhaps one day I'll find the rest of this Disney Telephone book and we can take another trip down Disney Phonebook Memory Lane.