The Disney Meeting

Let's wrap up this Friday with one of my favorite rants. My personal pet peeve known as the company meeting. It's the most wasteful, pointless activity being done in corporations today. It's mainly a handful of people sitting around a conference table killing time. One has to wonder, don't these people have anything to do? Probably not. If they did, they wouldn't have time to sit around a table for two hours talking about things that could be handled in a couple minutes.

Think I'm wrong? In the old days we used to have meetings with Walt Disney and on occasion they could be lengthy. However, at meetings end the business at hand was usually settled. Walt made it clear what had to be done and we had damn well better do it. Most meetings today usually settle nothing. Nothing, that is except when to have the next meeting.

What are meetings for anyway? If you want to know who's doing what, or exactly where they are on their schedule you only need ask them. That's what we did in the old days. It was only a matter of walking down the hallway and asking someone what they were doing and when they might be finished. If the concern was something larger such as a broad based business plan, those things were usually handled by senior management and they certainly didn't need or desire our input. Honestly, I have to say there were fewer meetings in the old days and a good deal more efficiency.

Let's be honest here. We know why there are more meeting rooms today and many more pointless meetings. It's because today's managers don't really do anything. In order to keep their phony baloney jobs they have to appear to be busy. What better way to keep up this ruse than having continual meetings. That's why today's “eager beavers” are usually coming out of a meeting and on their way to the next meeting. It's simply what they do. As for the rest of us - you won't find us in a meeting. We've too damn much work to do.