Revisiting Monsters

I was having lunch with director, Donovan Cook yesterday at Bob's Big Boy here in beautiful Burbank. Actually, I guess it's really Toluca Lake. I told Donovan we used to come here for lunch when I was a Disney apprentice back in the fifties. Man, you can bet that was a long time ago. We chatted about all things animation and how the business has changed these past few years. In case you don't remember, Donovan Cook directed that wonderful Mickey Mouse cartoon where the plucky little mouse was one of the famous Three Musketeers. The animated cartoon was one of the best things done here at Disney in recent years. I was so in love with the project I attended story meetings and I wasn't even an employee of the Disney Company.

Eventually, the conversation got around to our pal, Pete Docter up at Pixar Animation Studios. Donovan is a long time friend, and I had worked for Pete on Monsters, Inc back in the nineties. As a matter of fact it's difficult to believe that it's been over ten years since I worked on that very funny animated movie. Monsters University opened pretty darn well this summer and it was great to revisit our old pals, Mike Wozowsky and James P. Sullivan again. Better yet, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak with both Billy Crystal and John Goodman at the D23 Disney Legends Ceremony. I told John it was hard to believe we had made this amazing film over ten years ago. It still seems like yesterday.

That's the joy of working in this crazy business. You get to work with stellar talents like Pete Docter and David Silverman. You get to hob nob with celebrities like Billy Crystal and John Goodman. And yet, we're all just a bunch of grown up kids who get to create silly cartoons to hopefully entertain other silly kids who will grow up to be like us. Or, I suppose they could always grow up and become Disney executives. In that case, it's gonna be no fun at all.