The Disney Legend

You might not think this post is Disney related but it is. I've been watching trailers for the new movie, “Jobs.” In the film, Steve Jobs is portrayed by Ashton Kutcher and I've got to admit what I thought might be a disaster is looking like a pretty credible film.

Not that any Hollywood production can satisfy the needs of fans and historians alike. However, I'm willing to give this production a pass for at least trying to get things right. I know they won't do it justice when it comes to Apples' history and Job's life. Yet, do they ever? In any case it looks like they've gotten the essence of the story. I've been an Apple geek since the seventies and my fascination with computers hit full tilt in the eighties when I stayed up all night working on my first computer. I began to read all I could find on computer technology and began to follow the careers of the two Steve's, Jobs and Wozniak. I didn't want to become a coder and I totally lacked the skills of either a hardware or software engineer. Yet, I couldn't help but feel that one day animation and computer technology would collide. Of course, one day they did.

As I said, I became as much of a computer geek as I was a comic book geek. As a matter of fact, the San Diego ComicCon and MacWorld Expo in San Francisco had much in common and I enjoyed the special culture of both gatherings. Each event had its own heroes and it was always a thrill to meet them. Of course, it was a geeky thrill but a thrill none the less. One afternoon I was speaking to an employee at Apple's Impressive booth on the show floor when Steve Jobs walked up and joined the conversation. Holy smokes! It doesn't get much better than that. It turns out that the iconic leader of Apple and the master of innovation happens to be a huge Disney fan. It makes sense after all. When you think about it you realize that Walt Disney and Steve Jobs were very much alike.

I drew this sketch of “angry” Steve Jobs some years ago while in his employ at Pixar Animation Studios in the Bay Area. This was before Steve returned to Apple and before Pixar morphed into whatever it is today. Back then, it was a tiny creative community intent on creating and innovating rather than being another money making machine. Ah, but that time has passed, hasn't it? But, wait! I did say this post was Disney related, didn't I? Well, it truly is. You see, this week at D23 in Anaheim, Steve Jobs will become a Disney Legend. If you have to ask why, that means you truly didn't know Steve Jobs.