Prehistoric Disney

Another view of mis-casting on a Disney film. That is, a recent Disney film, not the movies Walt made some years ago. This assignment was on the motion picture, “Dinosaur,” and you might have heard of it. I managed to waste a year of my life as well as a few bucks out of Disney's well laden coffers to work on this dismal epic. These sketches are from the development work I did on the movie when I arrived early on.

You can see how misguided I was in these sketches. Used to working for the Old Maestro, I was intent on bringing charm and imagination to this prehistoric turkey so I set about trying to visualize a world that would resonate with audiences. I thought the characters, even prehistoric ones should have a semblance of charm and believability. As usual, I was wrong and the filmmakers blundered ahead determined to create a motion picture nobody would watch. It would take a book to outline everything wrong with this film, not the least of which was the leadership. As usual, the Disney Company spent an obscene amount of money as they stumbled through this production. To give you some idea of the hopeless mismanagement, I'll relate this little story. I left the film to move north to Pixar Animation Studios where we developed and COMPLETED “Toy Story2” only to return to Disney to find “Dinosaur” still mired in production. And, you wonder why I had such distain for our leadership?

No worries. They all left the company wealthy, and the prestigious animation department Walt created has been completely gutted. And, don't get me started on the old 2D vs 3D argument. It's not the medium the company hates. It's the artists. It makes sense, after all. “Technobots” are fair easier to control than artists, aren't they? Should they start to bitch and complain, you simply replace one with another. This is the business of animation 2013, kids. You better get used to it because it's here to stay.

Oh well, why prattle on and on about Disney past? What once was can never be again. It would appear our future is forever tethered to obnoxious teen girls, superheroes, spaceships and cowboy heroes with birds on their heads. Pardon me, if this old veteran doesn't share your Disney enthusiasm. If you ask me, I don't think the Old Maestro would care for it either.