Forgetting Where You Work

It's the finale of the movie, although considering the subject matter I should probably call it the film's climax.

I pitched this end sequence to my producers, directors and a gathering of Disney executives in our Northside facility back in the summer of 2000. Since I was the one who created the gosh-awful storyboards I probably deserved to be tossed out of the second floor window. Instead, the executives smiled and nodded their approval. It's in a case like this that you realize either they're all crazy or you're the one who's nuts. It was one more case of the bizarre on this zany animated film. Not that I have anything against “bizarre,” mind you. I'm actually intrigued by such things and I would have loved to have seen this movie produced. It's all about location, location, location. The right movie being produced at the wrong studio. Clearly, nobody recognized this. Not even the studio execs.

Once I completed my task I moved on to making some final color tweaks on the earlier storyboards. These last minute embellishments were for an upcoming screening with studio big-wigs. I decided to enhance the storyboards using a combination of applications from the Adobe suite. In a facility that could easily boast hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of computer hardware, I managed to do all my digital tweaks using nothing less than an Apple laptop. Just another bizarre footnote to an already bizarre Disney production.

On the upside, there was a lot of terrific work created for the movie and many incredibly talented people working on this animated film. Having seen some of the completed color scenes I can tell you the result was dazzling. It might have been a movie that would have indeed, “knocked the socks off” the competition. There was only one thing wrong. We simply forgot where we were working.