Animation's New Home

Welcome to Feature Animation’s new California home. Change is never easy, and I hope we can make the transition to your new office a smooth one.

As many of you know, this building is the culmination of four years of hard work by many of your colleagues in designing and creating a space that supports the unique process of making our movies. The building is a unique achievement both technically and conceptually - the large floor plate, the relationships of departments to each other, the sophisticated computer networking. As always, the process is never perfect. Our business is ever-evolving and changing, so too this building will evolve and change as we spend time in it.

I hope you find the building to be an exciting, exhilarating home for many years to come.

Our then president of Walt Disney Feature Animation, Peter Schneider was correct. The process wasn’t exactly perfect, so the huge animation facility now known as “The Roy E. Disney Building” will be undergoing a few changes in the months to come. I’ve not seen any architechual plans so I have no idea what the changes will be. However, the word on the street informs me that the make over will be impressive. It’s difficult to believe we first moved into this facility over twenty years ago. I still remember the speeches by our studio bosses, the rooftop musical performance by our Disney characters and the lavish party that followed. It’s honestly a night I’ll never forget. Finally, I’ll have to add that being a Disney artist was the best job in the world. Much has change since that remarkable evening so many years ago. New management now rules over a new generation of cartoon makers, traditional hand drawn animation has been marginalized by the digital revolution and Disney animated films earn more money than ever. It’s hard to believe that the mighty animated film, “The Lion King” has been totally eclipsed by Disney’s latest offerings.

Back in the early nineties, every employee received this guidebook and information packet. We were welcomed into our new cartoon making facility and the future never looked brighter. Little did we know how much things would change over the next few years.

Walt Disney Feature Animation's new handbook back in the nineties. Welcome to our new home.

Walt Disney Feature Animation's new handbook back in the nineties. Welcome to our new home.