The Wayback Machine

I’m seeing ads all over town for the new DreamWorks film, “Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Those of a certain age probably watched this show back in the sixties. If you recall, the knowledgable Mr. Peabody used his “Wayback Machine” to travel back in time. These old Disney photographs I’ve been able to dig up provide me with a Wayback Machine of sorts, and we’re able to travel back in time as well.

What have we here? This young lad appears to be younger than my youngest son. Well, it’s true, he is younger than my son, Brandon. You see, this photograph was taken back in 1957 when I joined Freddy Hellmich’s clean-up team on Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. You’ve found me in my G-Wing office on the first floor of the Animation Building. I’m moving into this space with assistant animator, Chuck Williams. Since Chuck is already a Disney veteran he’ll no doubt get the coveted window seat. No matter. It’s a pretty big deal to qualify to work on Sleeping Beauty. After all, this feature film will demand a good deal of drawing ability. Those of us who made the cut and found a place on the Disney masterpiece are already feeling pretty good.

It’s morning and I’m alone in my new office. There’s no one around so I’ve set my camera on automatic. Once I push the button, the camera will count down ten seconds before the shutter clicks. That’s how I snapped this picture. I’ll confess I took a number of “Selfies” this way back in the fifties. On one such occasion I set up a shot of myself sitting in Walt Disney’s directors chair. In the shot, I’m looking back at the camera proud to be sitting in the chair with the name, “Walt” in large letters. Regretfully, I’ve never been able to find that old photograph. Darn it! It was a favorite photograph of my old Disney days.

Anyway, here’s another shot of young Floyd at nineteen fifties Walt Disney Studio thanks to the “Wayback Machine.” Photographs that take us back to a time that once was - and never will be again.

 This is young Floyd Norman. A shot taken at Disney back when he was younger than his youngest son, Brandon.

This is young Floyd Norman. A shot taken at Disney back when he was younger than his youngest son, Brandon.