Survival of the Funniest

Let’s close out the week with a look at leaving the job. Perhaps we can call it, “Boot Out Friday.” Friday is always a good day to get sacked. Don’t believe me? Just ask Bob and Bob from the movie “Office Space.” Friday is a good day to let employees go. Studies have shown that there were fewer incidents at the end of the week.

Call it what you will, I’ve never been bothered by getting sacked. In fact, I’ve often taken great pride in getting booted out on my butt. More often than not it has led to greater things including a sizable pay increase. Sometimes the termination is justified and sometimes not. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that it’s not personal. Yeah, most people feel it sucks to lose one’s job, but it’s not necessarily the end of the world. Also it’s wise to remember it’s seldom personal. Businesses do what they have to do. Should you work for a major corporation, this applies even more. It’s just business after all, and no one really cares how you’re going to make next month’s car payment. My advice? Suck it up and move on.

Easy for me to say, right? Well, I’m not exactly employed at the moment so I have no job to lose. However, I’ve lost my share of jobs during my long career in the cartoon business. I like to brag that I’ve been booted out of every studio in town. Sometimes, the job loss came in the form of a downsizing or a layoff. On occasion, my job was “eliminated” so I wasn’t really let go - except I was. Finally, I was sacked from my home away from home, The Walt Disney Studios. My boss called me in and said, I needn’t bother to finish out the week. On one rare occasion, I even fired myself from a cartoon feature film. The gig paid good money and I wasn’t eager to go. However, the job proved to be a pain in the butt and annoyingly condescending. One smug story artist offered to “help me with my career” even though I was doing story for Walt Disney while he was still in diapers.

Two artists were recently given their walking papers here and that’s never a happy occasion. Both are talented and I’m sure they’ll find work in time. Perhaps a job that will provide even greater opportunity and challenge. In any case, it’s time to move on and maybe even follow my example when I’ve found myself “sucking sidewalk.” I love that expression. I first heard it from my pal, Phil Mendez. Oh, by the way, he once fired me as well. But, I digress. Back on point, what I recommend you do when you’ve lost your job - is this. Mock it. Laugh at your departure from the company and the silly “exit interview” with HR. Honestly, there are more important things in life. Take it from one who’s been there and survived.