A Beach Visit

I’m sorry, but the past few days have been busy and I haven’t had time to post. At the moment I’m hanging out with my daughter who has recently returned to California. Better yet, she’s near the beach. And, that’s a location I truly love.

I grew up in the beachside community of Santa Barbara so I’ve always had a special affection for the seaside. Believe it or not, the beach has even played an important part in my work. Whenever I was dealing with a tough story problem I would hop in my car and motor north to Santa Barbara. I found that sitting on the beach and breathing the fresh salty air seemed to clear my head. I solved many a thorny story problem by getting out of the office and working at the beach. We now live in an age of marvelous laptop computers so now all our work is portable. You’d be surprised how creative you can be once you get away from the “job” with all the politics, meetings and nonsense that too often pervades the work place.

At the moment, I’m enjoying my time at the beach. It’s an opportunity to spend some time with my kids and my grandchildren. I confess I still miss my home town of Santa Barbara, and if I had a choice I’d be there right now. Unfortunately, if you’re not a millionaire the chances are you probably won’t be able to afford a garage in our beautiful seaside community. So, this beach will have to do for now. It’s not so bad, and the ocean breeze is still refreshing. Hey! I should get busy and write something.