Driving Me Crazy

Here’s another photograph of Walt Disney happily posing next to his newest car. I view cars as necessary beasts that move you to and fro. If there was some way I could live without them, I’d be a happy man. I’ve just returned from my auto dealer where I’ve had repair work done on my Beetle. Once the job was completed, I couldn’t drive the vehicle off the lot. Guess what? Now, the battery was dead. Ka-ching! More money to be spent. In the world of vehicles this is all part of the game. A game that continually annoys the heck out of me.

I realize I’m not your average guy because most men adore vehicles. I remember middle school auto shop in my home town of Santa Barbara. most boys regarded cars as something a good deal better than a first date. They even enjoyed tearing down the engine and putting it back together again. I do not exaggerate when I say my classmates totally got off on this little excursion into the automotive world. Like I said, men love cars.

I remember conversations with the late Diane Disney Miller as she talked about her dad driving around in his roadster. Clearly, Walt Disney was a car lover as well and enjoyed taking the family out for a weekend ride in the San Fernando Valley. If you’ve ever plowed through the Disney photo archives you’ll see a fair number of pictures of Walt posing next to his latest vehicle. Yep, the Old Maestro had a love affair with cars as well.

I’ve been to the Anaheim theme park a fair number of times in my life beginning with the park’s opening back in 1955. Yep, that’s correct. I was there opening week. However, the one land I’ve not bothered to visit in Disney’s California Adventure (or whatever they call it now) is the area known as “Cars Land.” I live in cars land, for heaven’s sake! Why would I want to brave the traffic snarled Los Angeles freeways only to end up in a place that celebrates cars?! Yes, I know. I’m an old grouch when it comes to vehicles. I’ve never really liked the darn things though I’m fully aware how necessary they are especially if you live and work in this part of the country. But, now I’ve got to head outside and put a new battery in my battered Volkswagon. It’s another delightful automotive experience I could easily live without.