Keeping Busy

I haven’t been posting on a regular basis recently because of my work load. That’s correct, I’ve been busy doing storyboards for various projects. And of course, that’s cool because I enjoy staying busy. If there’s a script to write or story problems that need solving, I’m right at home. That’s exactly why I came into this business in the first place. I began my career in animation many years ago because I loved the work and had no intention of ever retiring. Apparently, studio bosses are all too eager to see us cartoon veterans retire and quickly excise us from their payrolls. I assume they think we animation artists hate our jobs. I wonder if they hate their jobs as well? Then again - what’s to hate? They don’t do anything anyway.

I’ll be getting back to my color sketch commissions until the next animation job comes along. In the meantime, here’s a shot of my desktop with a few completed character sketches and a storyboard panel as well. In any case, I’ll be keeping busy and hopefully more extensive blog postings will be coming soon.