Photographs from Disney Past

I haven’t been posting all that much recently. This is what happens when you have a deadline. I’m busily trying to complete work on an animated segment for Disney Animation, and it’s a pretty cool idea if I may say so myself. We’ll talk more about that later. For now, let’s take a look at my early years working at the Walt Disney Studio.

It’s difficult to believe, but these polaroid photographs on my desktop were taken back in the nineteen fifties when I was just beginning my career in the cartoon business. The pictures of my Disney colleagues are in remarkably good condition considering they were taken so long ago. I had just purchased a Polaroid Land Camera, a marvel of technology in the nineteen fifties. It’s difficult to explain the importance of this amazing consumer product. Think about it. This was a camera that could provide a finished print out sixty seconds after you had snapped the photograph. That meant you could view the finished print only a minute after you snapped the picture. Doesn’t sound like much now - but back in the fifties this was a minor miracle. Those of us who were tried of running down to the corner drugstore to have our pictures developed were forever free of that tedious chore. Now, eager young photographers could see the result of their work in just sixty seconds. It’s difficult to explain what a technological marvel had been placed in our hands.

I was a young Disney employee and couldn’t afford expensive photographic equipment back in the fifties. The Land Camera enabled me to begin taking pictures of my pals working in the Animation Building and preserve these historical moments forever. Further, this was many, many years ago and the photographic print outs look almost as good as they did the day I took the photo. Of course, they’re simply black&white photographs, yet the images remain pristine. Very impressive, Dr. Land, very impressive.

Enough of that, because I’ve got a storyboard to complete. We want to get this segment into animation as quickly as possible, so you’ll have to excuse me for the lack of time, okay? We’ll get back to these Disney photographs another day. However, for now - it’s back to work.