'Tis the Season to be Terrified

When you’re living my animated life there are often several projects on the drawing board. Some of these film ideas in development become motion pictures or television shows. There are some that never see the green light of production and are simply put on the shelf for another day.

The color sketch below is one such project and it’s one of my favorites. When it comes to subject matter there’s nothing more fun than a scary, creepy ghost story. I remember sitting around camp fires when I was a kid growing up in Santa Barbara. Our faces were lit by the light of the campfire as our storyteller wove a creepy tale of ghosts, spooks and goblins. In today’s PC society such behavior would be characterized as causing children terrible trauma. For us kids, we remember it only as great fun. Ghost stories and creepy tales were a part of my childhood and it was a delightful part at that. I still have fond memories of dark summer nights as we huddled around the camp fire. I still remember the chills down our spines as we considered monsters lurking in the dark.

This is only one of the many color sketches I completed for this creepy animated tale and I’d love to show you more. It involved a cute little kid and her pet doggie. However, the movie also featured a host of delightful zombies intent on caused havoc in the neighborhood. Before you panic, please remember that the cartoony tale is simply “scary, good natured fun.” The kind of fun I remember when I was a kid. I still regret we never made this movie about dogs, kids and zombies. This particular scary monster has always been a favorite of mine and I so enjoyed working on this wonderful, creepy cartoony idea. Perhaps one day the project will arise from the grave and trudge zombie style toward animated production. I sure hope so.