The Gag Book Returns

Okay, here’s how it all began. John Cawley had the crazy notion of publishing a book of my animation gag cartoons. Naturally, there were jokes never meant to be published. It was simply the silly stuff animation artists had been doing for decades. Cartoonists, being cartoonist always enjoyed mocking each other. On occasion, even the studio management was up for grabs and jokes and gags were drawn about the boss as well.

Once again, these were “insider gags.” Jokes rarely seen by civilians. Only animation employees were even aware of these goofy cartoons that adorned the walls and cubicles of the cartoon makers. Cawley gathered up a pile of my gags which eventually became the published book, “Faster, Cheaper.” It was a look inside an animation studio and the wacky process of making a cartoon. I think John printed around a thousand copies which at the time was a very big deal. Surprisingly, the goofy book seemed to find an audience and people began to tell me how much they enjoy my book of wacky cartoons about the animation business.

Some years later, I found myself with another stack of cartoon gags. Gags from various studios that had the courage to employ me. The goofy sketches came from Disney, Hanna-Barbera and Pixar and covered a couple of decades of cartoon making. Having already published a book with the title of “Faster, Cheaper,” I decided to call this sequel, “Son of Faster, Cheaper.” Since the book was self published there was never an attempt at properly marketing the book. Word of its existance spread simply by word of mouth. Remember the the Internet was still taking baby steps and few people were even on it in those days. Once again, we had a very limited print run and when the books were gone - they were gone.

Thanks to Bob McLain and Theme Park Press my crazy cartoon book has been given a new life. This time, it’s truly a published book and it’s on sale now. Remember, these goofy gags were drawn a couple of decades ago but it seems the gags still resonate with people. Especially those who make their living in the animation business. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it was like to work at the Walt Disney Company back when the Old Maestro walked the hallways you might want to check out this book. The same would apply to Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera, the guys who ruled Saturday Morning Television in the sixties and seventies. Finally, you’ll get some of the spirit of Pixar Animation Studios where they continually tell you what fun it is to work in the magical cartoon business. However, the real magic, rather than the fabricated image involves working your butt off. When drawing gags I’ve never pulled any punches. They’re often drawn in the moment when the ideas are fresh and exploding in my head. If you want the real deal instead of corporate spin. If you want complete honestly instead of executive blather check out “Son of Faster, Cheaper.” You’ll see the cartoon business the way it truly is.

"Son of Faster, Cheaper." My wacky gag book gets a second life thanks to Theme Park Press.

"Son of Faster, Cheaper." My wacky gag book gets a second life thanks to Theme Park Press.