Christmas Wishes

While we’re in a fanciful holiday mood lets imagine our old pal, Mickey sitting on Santa’s knee and making a few Christmas requests during this wonderful season of giving. What would our famous mouse request for a perfect Christmas gift? Let’s give the silly idea some thought.

“Ho! Ho! Ho! Mickey! What can Santa do that would make this delightful season just perfect for you? What Christmas gifts would you like from the guy who can make anything happen? You can ask for anything you’d like, so share your Christmas wish list with us.” Mickey thinks hard and long and after a few moments he reveals his special list of requests. “You may think this presumptuous, Santa, but I’d love to see Dick come back as Chairman of our film division. He’s a savvy guy who knows the company from the bottom up. Plus, he’s loved and respected by the Hollywood film community and that’s not an easy thing to accomplish. Heck! He even began his career working at the theme park. I’d sure like to see Dick in charge of movies again, but I doubt that’s ever going to happen. However, you can add that to my list. This may sound crazy, but here’s another thing you can do for me, Santa. I’d like to see the powers that be at the company make a total commitment to traditional hand drawn animation. After all, this marvelous art form is Walt’s legacy. It’s the foundation of the company and it’s what help build this incredible enterprise. Now, Santa, I’m not asking the company to stop making CGI movies because they’ve gotten pretty darn good at that. Just look at our last couple of movies and you can see why. I loved “Zootopia” and Ron and John’s “Moana” is a pretty impressive animated motion picture. Having said that, I hardly see making hand drawn animated films a major financial risk for the company that practically invented the medium. People love all the movies I made years ago, and that stuff was drawn by hand with pencil and paper. Kids and grown ups alike think those movies are pretty cool. Plus, we’d be honoring Walt by keeping alive an art form he helped pioneer. Just think of all the young men and women who grew up on this remarkable art form. I’ll bet they’d jump into this medium like it was brand new. Of course, in many ways it would be new. Our wonderful medium would have new life breathed into it by a new generation of animation artists. That would be awesome.”

Santa Claus thinks for a moment, before responding to the famous mouse. “Nifty gift ideas, Mickey. Is there anything else I can help you with?” The mouse looks around cautiously, before whispering into Santa’s ear. “I gotta admit I’m concerned about our theme park, Santa. The park was perfect, and now they’re messing up the old man’s original idea. Now, it’s true Walt said the park would never be finished. However, adding Star Wars to the original design was not what he had in mind. You know I love George’s creative world as much as anybody and we all know he was a huge fan of the old man. There’s absolutely nothing wrong about building a Star Wars Land. It’s just that they’re building it in the wrong place. Can’t you change their minds, Santa? Oh! I just remembered one more thing. What about innovation? The boss used to create and innovate. Now, we just buy stuff. Do you think you can make us creative again, Santa? We used to be, and I think we can be again if we’re willing to make the commitment. What do you think?”

Santa begins to slump in his chair and it’s clear the many requests are beginning to make the jolly old elf less jolly. “Look, Mickey, I’m just a guy who delivers gifts to millions of kids around the world and I do it all in one night. But what you’re asking for is darn near impossible. Who the heck do you think I am anyway? Walt Disney?”

Fanciful Christmas wishes from a famous mouse. Who says dreams can't come true?

Fanciful Christmas wishes from a famous mouse. Who says dreams can't come true?