Who the hell is Floyd Norman and why should you care?

I began my career at the Walt Disney Studios many years ago and I've worked on more animated feature films and television shows than I can remember. What's really cool however, are the awesome people I've known and worked with throughout my career at Walt's magic factory. It's truly a who's who of animation and it includes Walt's famous "Nine Old Men" as well as the top story men who created the Disney classics. It was an amazing mentoring opportunity as well as a master class in Disney animation. My career eventually spanned several decades and I even witnessed the arrival of the "young turks" who would take the torch passed to them by the Disney Masters.

My first animated feature film was Walt's masterpiece, "Sleeping Beauty" which wrapped in 1958 and ushered in the Old Maestro's final decade. In 1966 I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Walt Disney on his final animated film, The Jungle Book. I capped off my career in 1999 with the Pixar production of "Monster's Inc." and I reluctantly "retired" from animation in the year 2001. However, I never retired from cartoon making. Since that time I've worked on several feature and television productions for various studios and I continue doing so even today. I've never considered myself top in my class and I certainly don't buy into the "Disney Legend" thing. There are far too many forgotten talents out there that continue to go unrecognized. So, what's my secret, you ask? It's easy, really. I simply won't stop working. Recently, I've been kept busy on various projects including Reel FX's "Free Birds," "Annoying Orange" and "Robot Chicken." Plus, some cool new projects for Walt Disney.



 I'm delighted to share my animation art whenever time permits. Unfortunately, this has been a busy year combined with travel, teaching and film production. So, I hope you understand my time is extremely limited. Should you be willing to deal with a considerable wait, Iā€™m happy to add your name to my commission list. However, please understand I cannot promise anything because of my schedule. Thank you for understanding.

If it's convenient, most tend to pay using PayPal. It's quite simple, really. Go to the PayPal site and my address is:


My single character commissions go for $100.00